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To Live A Better Life

I run a small diverse sustainable family farm powered by the sun and hard work. That is a mouthful. Small AND diverse. In other words, the farm is small but I do a LOT.

We believe there is no better way for our family to live and thrive than on a farm, and are committed to an organic and holistic lifestyle here at Jaklamas Farm.

Farming, to us, is the most optimistic way of living. There is an excitement and anticipation of what the changing season will bring. You plan, prepare, labor, and wait. You learn to accept the failures that weather and other factors can bring. Most of all, you rejoice in the successes.

I believe in the small family farm. It's a return to tradition and brings us close to the earth. It's real. It's honest. It's wonderful. ‎I hope you enjoy my efforts.


Please note the link below. It's the best way to keep you updated on what I have in any given week, in any season. Simple to register!


Welcomes You To My Farm!

How can you get direct FARM FRESH Brown Eggs, Organically Grown Produce, Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Chickens, Humanely Raised Pork,

fresh Homemade Artisan Breads, and so much more?

You can subscribe to my newsletter for updates and lists of what is available.

Do Not Use the Store Function on This Website. It is disabled.

Instead send an email to [email protected] and order from the newsletter or go to my ONLINE STORE

To my Farm Friends

Basic Information with the changes for 2021 can be found here:

Farm Friends 2021

For those of you looking for the BFF Form 2021 click BFF Form

On This Website...

In The Farmstand TODAY

Self Serve open Daylight Hours

Cash or check

In the refrigerator:

Our Bigger Than Large Brown Eggs $4

Once the Produce Season begins we will be stocking our great Fresh Produce.

You will find descriptions of all I do, sell, and a lot of what we believe in. The non-CSA system, and purchasing options too. There is a blog with farm tales, recipes, photos, testimonials, links to friends sites, lists of events, and hopefully soon, a discussion board about health and well being. There are shortcuts at the bottom of every page to some of the most important pages. Explore!

Well life isn't easy right now. Nothing is simple anymore.

I tried to make this as simple as we can.

Produce, Eggs, Milk, Breads, Meats and Goodies.

In other words, the basics with a few treats.

Use the online order page at:

I have Contact Free Front Porch Pick-Ups Saturdays Noon to 2PM.

Place your orders the evening before.

Link to the order page and the list of what we have:

The best way to get all this great food is to join the Website and be on the mailing list. You will receive emails detailing the provisions available, and other news. 

To Buy Directly Farm Fresh simply send me an email with the order,

Pick up your order at the FARM:

Saturdays, noon to 2 PM

and Starting May 19

Wednesdays, 4 to 6 PM

The Farmstand is OPEN Every Day from Dawn to Dark. Almost always stocked with Eggs, and seasonal produce. To Find Out WHAT'S IN THE FARMSTAND TODAY? Click Here

Or visit at a Farmer's Market

My Winter 2021 Market Schedule:

Saturdays, 9 to 3 PM The Stangl Factory Indoor Farmers Market

4 Stangl Rd, Flemington NJ

For FRESH Breads, and other Baked Goods

The Spring and Summer Market Schedule is Coming Soon

This Weeks Photo

This was a tough year.

The flowers that came up and bloomed on their own kept me cheered up. I never had time to actually plant any.

Tropical Storms

Isiais rolled through here with over 5 inches of rain. A lot of the produce was pretty well smacked around but even if they don't stnad back up, we will still get peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and more...the zucchini though may not recover well enough.