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A Brief History of Jaklamas

In our first year of farming, 2003, we started simply with hay and firewood. The next year, 2004, we added eggs and beef to our organic offerings. We also invested in sheep, goats and the llama. We had raised laying hens in the past but Angus beef?

A lot of fencing was installed. A bull, a few cows and then the calves came. A ram, a few ewes and then the lambs came. A billy, two does and then the kids came. We had babies everywhere and it was wonderful.

For 2005, we set our goals a little higher and a small table was set up along the road to sell our organically grown produce. Each year we have added or changed things as we discovered what grew best and learned new things.

Our goal from the very beginning, was simple. Raise and grow organic produce, eggs and meats and share the bounty with our friends and neighbors. Putting a farm stand out front and selling what we grew and raised was a learning experience. In 2006, the little folding table disappeared and a real farm stand was erected. 

The choices and quantities of our meats, organic produce, flowers and more, will grow and change with the weather, seasons and demand. We look forward to seeing you this season.