Sustainable...not just a buzz word.

In keeping with the mindset to make our farm operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible we looked at how we live. We made some expensive decisions too. Like solar panels. 

The front barn holds an 18 Kilowatt system that generates enough electricity for the year for our family and then a little more.  I even have a solar powered clothesdryer (clothesline)...and I use it year round. 

We use very little outside fuel to operate our home and a minimal amount for the tractors. There is an awful lot of hand labor.

We grow our own food. eat what we grow, and recycle, reuse and please return those egg cartons.

We grow our own hay, and work cooperatively with a local farmer to grow our feeds. 

We try not to waste anything, so all the kitchen waste goes to the chickens, livestock or composted. They are really happy chickens. In turn, we get lots of manure that enriches our soil to grow more. 

Did you ever notice of the weird patterns our lawn is mowed in? We use no chemicals on our the lawn clippings go to the livestock too. 

Compost. LOVE compost. Ask me about our compost. This could get a bit weird for most folks so I will leave it at that.