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Farm Fresh Chicken

Not A Factory Farm

We raise a few hundred frying and roasting chickens every year. They live in special houses until they are big enough to safely go outside.

John has a special yard for his chickens. It is fenced to keep out predators and their feed is on the 'dancefloor' to keep them clean. The floor is hosed off a couple of times a day because they tend to hang out by the feeder a lot.

The chickens have a large green grass lawn to wander and peck in and do things that are natural and stress relieving to chickens. When the weather gets hot the big party tent goes up to keep them in the shade and cool. Plenty of fresh water, shade and fresh air makes a good chicken.

message me for pricing

Pasture Raised Chickens

If you preorder yours before May 1st, 2015 you will recieve the 2014 pricing.

We generally have fresh chickens from the middle of May through the end of October. On the off weeks we will have a few freshly frozen ones for purchase.

The chickens are generally between 4 and 6 pounds each.

We only sell whole chickens but I can cut them up for you for a small fee.

Roasting or grilling a chicken is extremely simple and we have even made that easier with the picnic chicken kit. Ask about it.

We sell out EVERY WEEK, and have a number of customers who preorder their birds for the year, to ensure they get them. Most folks put a few away in the freezer to get through the winter. 

Yes, this chicken should be this color...this is a picnic chicken cooked with our chicken kit... you get everything you need for the most delicious chicken ever. I have gotten rave reviews.

No work, no fuss. Cook it outside on your grill or in your oven. 

This is my friend Ren, and I, carving one of our turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years was a stupendous 38 pound turkey. And yes, it was tender and delicious.